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Dr. Chad Hanson, who is a forest and fire ecologist with the John Muir Project, and a National Director of the Sierra Club gave a talk entitled Fire in our Southwestern Forests: How can we protect our forests, our homes and ourselves? at Collected Works Bookstore on Sunday, September 23.

Dr. Hanson discussed our evolving understanding of the role of mixed-intensity fire in our forests, and the often seemingly counter-intuitive lessons that are emerging from the current science. He also discussed the importance of forest protection as climite change mitigation, and the ways that communities can safely coexist with wildland fire.

Videos of the talk are available online:

Introduction & Talk

Q & A Session

Areas of Agreement and Uncertainty - a written extract from Dr. Hanson's talk about points of agreement and uncertainty regarding forest management.

Bullet Points from Chad Hanson's Presentation

Thanks to Journey Santa Fe and Wild Earth Guardians for sponsoring the talk. It was well attended with more than 50 people in the audience.

George Wuerthner gave a talk on "Wildfire and Forest Health: Myths & Reality", on November 5, 2017 at Body of Santa Fe. You may have seen George's recent editorial in the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Recognizing the Growing Threat of Wildfire

We recorded George's talk on Sunday. It is availale online in two parts:

Part 1

Part 2


01/15/2019:   Overview of Summary Judgement Brief and The Brief Itself
08/28/2018:   Press Release – Groups Seek to Halt Cutting and Burning in Wilderness Quality Forests Near Santa Fe
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05/24/2018:   Lawsuit: Hyde Park tree-thinning plan needs more study
05/24/2018:   Hyde Park Project Lawsuit

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Hyde Park Pacheco Canyon Comments

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In The News

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Lawsuit: Hyde Park tree-thinning plan needs more study
Hyde Park Project Lawsuit
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Block E
Greater Santa Fe Fireshed

Photo Gallery

Photos of cleared and burned areas of the Santa Fe Watershed, Hyde Park, La Cueva, Jemez and Gallinas forests
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Illegal Logging During Thinning
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Thinned Forest 1
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