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Help Protect the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Protect the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument from Herbicides and Chainsaws

The Trump administration is rapidly moving forward with a massive project to clear forests and sagebrush using chemicals and chainsaws in the recently established Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in northern New Mexico. Over 100,000 acres acres of piñon/juniper woodlands, ponderosa pine forests and sagebrush steppes will be permanently scarred to benefit livestock grazing. Take action today! Deadline for comments is September 5.

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We are a citizen coalition united in calling for a comprehensive environmental impact statement be completed prior to any tree cutting and burning on forested public lands above Santa Fe.


This environmental review must: first, recognize the lawful right of citizens to be fully informed participants in managing their lands; second, must evaluate a full range of alternatives, including those based on scientific opinion opposed to extensive vegetation clearing; and third disclose and evaluate all cumulative impacts on air quality from prescribed burning, the effects of mechanical treatments on water quality, soils and wildlife including stream sedimentation, soil erosion, displacement of wildlife, habitat modification and the spread of invasive weed species.